About Hels

Hi, my name is Helen and I am founder of Hel's Heavenly Hoops.
I help people move, look and feel better and.
I'm going to share with you today how for me anyway, life really did begin at 40 and with a hoop!
I'm not saying life wasn't great before, it was. I have few regrets because everything to date bought me to where I am now which I wouldn't change.

I was very lucky to be born in Jersey and had an idilic life growing up with complete freedom to roam the island on my bike with friends, camp out on the beach, swim & surf in the sea. I was taken on family camping holidays every year touring different parts of Europe. I had loads of friends and life was pretty good.
However, as a young teenager I knew I wanted to get away and explore the world.
I like many had been subject to limiting beliefs being put on me. No you can't be a PE teacher because you don't take science subjects. You have to go to college to get a business diploma and work in the bank like everyone else! So I did.

Back roll practice in the park

But every summer I stopped socialising with the bankers and instead revelled in the company of the seasonal workers who went where they liked when they liked and explored the world.
I finally found my exit with one of them and we left to tour Europe. It was meant to be for a year but I've never moved back.
Long story short, after adventures in Greece, Israel, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden we settled in Denmark for 5 years where I started working in Accounts.  All good things come to an end and the next chapter was in England.

Throughout my life to date I had always been really active, running, cycling, swimming, horse riding, rock climbing, mountain walking ....you get the picture.
My back had always been dodgy, it didn't take much for something to go sometimes just a sneeze. Over time it got worse & worse and the physio, MRI's
I started hooping because I had 2 back operations. The ops didn't work and my back got worse and I was told not to do any of the high impact fitness activities any more.
 So I was looking for an alternative and stumbled on hooping. I remembered I was good at this when I was young. So I started, first alone in my study watching you tube tutorials but soon found a local class before joining a class in Brighton and so began a passion I had no idea the impact it would have on my life.

I discovered a huge hooping community was out there and starting going all over the country to hoop workshops, 3 day festivals and being taught by hoop teachers from all over the world. Even spent 2 hours hooping blindfolded !!!

I realised through showing friends that I loved teaching hooping and so took a teacher training course in my adoped hooping town of Brighton and started my own classes in lunch times and evenings. I realised this was a way out of the 9-5 corporate rat race. I was sick of the constant stress, long hours and corporate back stabbing for no loyalty or reward.


Hooping alone would not replace my salary so I was looking for something else. My back was ok but I still had to know my limitations. I had learnt to manage the pain better but was still very restricted in what I could do. My poor hubby had to pull me out of bed in the morning and help me get my socks and shoes on. I still need painkillers every day and didn't sleep well.

I was looking for another part time income to work alongside my hooping and by this time I was keen on looking after myself from the inside out. This is where Forever Living came along. I knew about Aloe and the amazing benefits of the gel inside the leaf. My Mum who despite being a nurse had always reached for the Aloe plant to treat burns and stings when I was small.

So I started my own Forever Living Business which runs in perfect synergy along side my Hoop business.
This full change in lifestyle has had incredible results for me.
I started hooping in my early 40's which helped me through many low time.
Depression is not uncommon when coping with constant pain for so many years. My back problems had restricted me from doing so many things, it even affected my wedding and honeymoon because I had to put off the second op until after which meant I went through both in pain and as a result of the medication developed a digestive issues which stopped me eating and I missed out on fantastic 5* hotel food.
I wasn't openly down with friends and family but my husband saw the affect. He would ask at times if there was a hooping event soon as he knew it lifted my spirits.

Physical, emotional, makes you laugh, new skill, socialable or mediative, mindful. Outdoors, indoors, cheap. Sense of achievement. All ages.Improves body
Physical, toning, low impact, strengthening, cardio fitness, improves posture.

My Forever Living business works around a marketing plan that has been successful for over 35 year. Every successful business owner follows it & coaches it to others to help them build thier business.
It's based around A circle :)
 In the middle is your WHY?
This is what every business owner should know & desire with passion. It's what we work for & towards. Its the dreams of a better lifestyle that keep us going.

My circle keeps me focused towards my goals of helping others by sharing my passion of hooping. I want to keep doing this as long as I can so I stay fit from inside out to hoop and hoop to stay fit!