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Spin into the Summer Soltice

Welcome in the Summer Solstice with Energy, Power, Spinning and Laughter.

To begin this incredible and unique 3 hour workshop you will be guided through an uplifting and energising Yoga warmup with a truly inspiring & award winning Yogi from the UK.

Samantha from Sam Ross Yoga is an incredibly experienced Yogi with a passion for sharing yoga with kindness & compassion. Sam will encourage you to challenge yourself and provide a nurturing space to find your bliss often blending different styles together, drawing inspiration from Vinyasa flow, Hatha & Yin yoga.

Samantha is also the co-owner of a successful yoga studio in Dedham, Essex called Same Star Yoga

Once your mind is awake and your muscles are warm, your energy raised and intentions set, Hels of Hel’s Heavenly Hoops will introduce you to the joy of Hula Hooping.

Hel’s has been teaching hooping for a decade and will guide you with uncomplicated instruction and an encouraging manor in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment.

You will learn to spin the hoop on your waist and to move with the hoop in your own perfect style. You’ll be guided to move the hoop around your body and spin it on your hands. As your confidence grows so will your sense of achievement and with this your openness to try more.

Like the sunshine in the summer, Hooping makes you want to laugh and smile. Like the summer, It can bring back memories of our childhood and that time when we were carefree and anything was possible. When we learn to hoop we often find that feeling comes back and with new skills learn, confidence grows not just with the hoop but in our day to day life.

The Hoop session will culminate pulling together all you’ve learnt into a short routine, which you will have built the skills and confidence to achieve and enjoy.

Sam will end our session with some gentle yoga to stretch the muscles and meditation to again remind us to embrace the summer cycle and set new intentions to carry forward with us.

Later Event: 22 September